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CMI @ Science on Tap - Wissen vom Fass

17 November 2016

Jochen Küpper provided a presentation on "the physics of chemistry" to a general audience on Thursday, 17. November 2016 at 19:00h. Within the Project Wissen vom Fass, Jochen Küpper discussed not only the CMI research with an interested audience over a beer or cocktail in the JUSSI bar in Hamburg Eppendorf.

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Watching chemical reactions at work: Helmholtz cooperation lays foundations for the detailed observation of chemical processes using a tabletop laser and special-purpose detector

16 November 2016

A team of researchers from the Helmholtz Institute Jena and DESY has paved the way for using conventional lasers to observe chemical bonds being broken apart. For their experiments, the scientists combined high-performance light generation and detection components from the two Helmholtz institutions. The resulting set-up forms the basis for observing high-speed processes with a resolution of 30 billionths of a second (30 femtoseconds). In addition, the set-up is so compact and robust that it could serve as a prototype for measuring equipment that could be installed and operated even at smaller facilities and universities.

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Scientists film exploding nanoparticles

05 February 2016

Imaging nanoscale dynamics with unparalleled detail and speed. Using a super X-ray microscope, an international research team has “filmed” the explosion of single nanoparticles. The team led by Tais Gorkhover from Technische Universität Berlin, currently working at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in the U.S. as a fellow of the Volkswagen Foundation, and Christoph Bostedt from the Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University has managed to combine a temporal resolution of 100 femtoseconds and a spatial resolution of eight nanometres for the first time.

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