Andrey Yachmenev joins CMI as a PostDoc in theoretical spectroscopy

04 October, 2016

The main focus of Adrey's research is the development and computer implementations of theoretical methods for accurate prediction of molecular rovibrational energy levels, spectra and interactions with external electromagnetic fields and other environments.

Andrey is a co-developer of the computer program TROVE – one of the leading tools in computational rovibrational spectroscopy that is capable of meeting the high accuracy demands of modern experiments. Recently, he has extended the capabilities of TROVE toward solution of the time-dependent rovibrational problem in the presence of external electric fields. This has been the main purpose of his recent Marie-Curie individual fellowship. Andrey's research in CMI group will predominantly focus on theoretical predictions addressing the problems of electric field control of external and internal large-amplitude motions of single molecules and molecular clusters. For more information see his personal page.