Yuan-Pin Chang is appointed as Assistant Professor at the National Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan

25 July, 2017

Dr. Yuan-Pin Chang, former postdoctoral scientist in the CFEL Controlled Molecule Imaging group, accepted an Assistant Professorship position at the National Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan. He starts his independent research group in the Department of Chemistry focusing on research in physical and atmospheric chemistry.

After Yuan-Pin left CFEL in 2014, he worked as a senior scientist in the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. Effective from 1. August 2017 Yuan-Pin joins the Department of Chemistry at the National Sun Yat-Sen University in Kaohsiung City in Taiwan as an Assistant Professor. His scientific research in physical chemistry and molecular physics focuses on atmospheric chemistry, quantum cascade laser spectroscopy, and the manipulation of gas-phase molecules with external fields. 

We congratulate the CMI alumni Yuan-Pin for his professorship and this important milestone in his promising scientific career!

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