Amit Samanta won a Poster Prize at the 117th Annual Meeting of the Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry (Bunsentagung 2018) Hannover

12 May, 2018

Amit Samanta, postdoctoral researcher in the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group (CMI) was awarded the “RSC poster prize” at the 117th Annual Meeting of the Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry (Bunsentagung 2018) in Hannover.

Amit won the prize for his presentation on “Cryogenically cooled beams of bio-nanoparticles: controlled samples for single-particle-diffractive imaging”. The theme of this year's Bunsentagung 2018, entitled “Kinetics in the Real World”, focused specifically on the insight and guidance that may be expected from understanding fundamental reaction kinetics to address and solve real-world problems. The prize consists of a certificate along with prize amount of 150 € and free admission to the next year's meeting (Bunsentagung 2019).

Overall, members of the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group (CMI) were invited to contribute with 4 talks and 2 posters to this prestigious landmark conference, which presented various aspects of our multi-disciplinary research: Melby Johny presented PIPICO investigations of hydrogen-bond dissociation dynamics in indole-water clusters, Joss Wiese talked about probing electronic structure via molecular-frame photoelectron imaging, Andrey Yachmenev ..., and Jochen Küpper discussed the experimental observation of different reactivities of para- and ortho-water toward cold diazenylium ions and the necessary merging of bimolecular reactions studies with ultrafast dynamics studies.

Furthermore, besides the prize-winning poster by Amit Samanta, Nicole Teschmit presented her work on laser-desorption vaporization and conformer seperation of small peptides.

Congratulations to Amit for his outstanding poster contribution, we all look forward to an ice cream party😉



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