CMI workshop and retreat 2019

07 May, 2019

This year, the annual CMI group workshop and retreat took place in Alt Duvenstedt, Schleswig Holstein.

Bistensee dusk lake view from Seehotel Töpferhaus. Image by Lena Worbs, 2019

Each year, the CMI group, takes a break from regular lab-based science to get-together for a retreat, where we discuss and develop science. This change of surroundings helps us to think "out of the ordinary" and construct approaches to solve scientific challenges we face in our projects. This year, Olga Smirnova from MBI Berlin, and Stefanie Kerbstadt from the university of Oldenburg joined us and provided valuable input. 

Wrapped around this intense scientific program and constructive and inspiring discussions, we enjoyed great weather during outdoor activities, like hiking and beach volleyball (some even dared a short swim in the lake), and great food at a barbecue inside a tipi. 

With new insights and a refreshed mindset we returned to Hamburg, already looking forward to the next CMI retreat.