Disputation Evangelos Karamatskos

19 September, 2019

Today, Evangelos Karamatskos very successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled "Molecular-Frame Angularly-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy" at Universität Hamburg and was awarded the degree "Dr. rer. nat." with a grade of summa cum laude (very good with distinction).

In his Dissertation Evangelos first describes how molecules can be strongly field-free aligned. This work includes the recording of a molecular movie of the complete quantum carpet of rotational dynamics of OCS as well as the demonstration of very strong field-free alignment of linear OCS and asymmetric indole molecules.

Furthermore, he demonstrated how laser-induced electron diffraction (LIED) can be exploited to record the structure of small molecules with few-picometer accuracy and femtosecond resolution. He then shows how molecular-frame LIED measurements will enable the recording of precision structures of complex molecules.

Evangelos had performed this research within a collaborative project in the DFG priority program "Quantum Dynamics in Tailored Intense Fields" (QUTIF) between the group of Arnaud Rouzée at the MBI Berlin and the Controlled Molecule Imaging group at the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science. 

Congratulations to Evangelos for a very nice piece of work from the whole CMI group!

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