Physics in the real world – relationship podcasts on atoms and quanta

27 October, 2020

Jochen was guest in two podcasts on scientific basics in a podcast-series on scientific 'advise' for relationships, which are now going online.

Jochen in Radio Hamburg studio

Our own Jochen Küpper and Ingrid Gregor from DESY FH recorded two podcasts in the series Kopf über Herz – Der wissenschaftliche Beziehungsratgeber with the series host Diane Hielscher, one on "atoms" and another one on "quanta" this summer. The series is now going online, although unfortunately behind a paywall. Recording the podcasts was performed in a remote interview session with Jochen and Ingrid in a studio of Radio Hamburg, whereas Diane was in her studio in Berlin. Nevertheless, it was a cool and entertaining event for ourselves and we truly enjoyed it. Hopefully you will hear this in the podcasts and appreciate the physics as well as the joy of "understanding" good relationships;-)

Following further work by Diane, the podcasts are now going online and we are happy with the results in this interesting context. Let's hope it helps the broad audience to understand atomic and quantum physics better and maybe also to help one or another building stronger and better relationships.

The crew, Jochen and Ingrid, in the Radio Hamburg studio – with special thanks to the staff around for support and the good mood;-)