Overview of all news from the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group

Forces in an optical funnel is selected as Editor's Choice and featured in Physics

11 December 2015

The manipulation of airborne micrometer-size particles by light is governed by photophoresis, a thermal force, which is due to uneven illumination of the particles. The more-illuminated side becomes slightly warmer and the resulting airflow around the particle pushes it away from the intensest light.

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Review: Spatially-controlled complex molecules and their applications

06 November 2015

Our review article on spatially-controlled complex molecules and their applications is published in International Reviews in Physical Chemistry. Ee provide an overview of the creation of structurally pure neutral samples in the gas phase using strong inhomogeneous electric fields in the electrostatic deflector — the electric analog of a Stern-Gerlach deflector.

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CMI @ DESY Open Day and Hamburg Night of Knowledge 2015

07 November 2015

On Saturday 7th November, DESY opened its doors as part of the Hamburg-wide Night of Knowledge for more than 18,000 visitors, and with more than 9,500 visiting the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) on campus. The Controlled Molecule Imaging group (CMI) presented itself and our work with a number of fun experiments, as well as posters and a virtual lab tour.

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CFEL Controlled Molecule Imaging Virtual Labtour

05 November 2015

We have created a short movie illustrating our work to achieve control over molecules in the gas-phase.

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Sino-German VUV FEL workshop

08 October 2015

This week, Jochen Küpper participated in a workshop at the Dalian Institute for Chemical Physics to discuss novel experiments in Molecular, Cluster, and Surface Physics.

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On the road to diffractive imaging of intrinsic molecular dynamics

09 September 2015

The determination of molecular structure and its changes over time is an essential step towards understanding chemical dynamics.
​Time-resolved diffractive imaging is one promising approach to unravel structural changes, of nuclei and electrons, within a molecule. In the Controlled Molecule Imaging (CMI) group at CFEL two complementary diffractive imaging approaches, i.e., x-ray and electron diffraction, are employed to achieve a more complete picture of structural dynamics of gas-phase molecules.

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DFG Funding Atlas 2015: Natural sciences at Universität Hamburg among the top German programs

09 September 2015

According to the current funding ranking of the German Research Foundation (DFG), Universität Hamburg ascended further to the top between 2011–2013. The DFG presented the new Funding Atlas today in Berlin.

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Femtochemistry conference kicks off in Hamburg

13 July 2015

Nobel laureate and femto pioneer Ahmed Zewail holds public scientific lecture — about 400 attendees.
At the 12th International Conference on Femtochemistry FEMTO12 — organizes by the CFEL Controlled Molecule Imaging Group — world leading experts gather at DESY in Hamburg this week. Femtochemistry deals with the ultrafast chemical interactions between molecules and atoms and is of fundamental importance for a broad spectrum of questions in many disciplines, from basic physics to biology and materials science.

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XFEL site visit with Ahmed Zewail

12 July 2015

FEMTO12 participant Ahmed visits the construction site of the European XFEL.

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What's a "molecular movie"?

04 July 2015

It is a dream of the molecular sciences to record movies of molecules in action, i.e., undergoing chemical reactions, with atomic resolution. These molecular movies would provide a clear, albeit fairly classical, slow-motion movie of the atomic displacements during the chemical rearrangement.

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PIER Helmholtz Graduate School fall week program is out

02 July 2015

The program for the fall week of the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School (PHGS) is out now.

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Linda Thesing joins the CMI group as a PhD student

01 July 2015

Linda Thesing joins the CFEL Controlled Molecule Imaging (CMI) group as a new graduate student.

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Recognizing outstanding refereeing

05 June 2015

The New Journal of Physics and Institute of Physics are delighted to recognize Jochen Küpper's outstanding contribution towards the New Journal of Physics refereeing process in 2014 and are pleased to present a Certificate of Recognition.

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Evangelos Karamatskos joins the CMI group as a PhD student

01 June 2015

Evangelos Karamatskos joins the CFEL Controlled Molecule Imaging (CMI) group as a new graduate student.

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Helen Bieker joins CMI as new graduate student

01 April 2014

The CMI Group welcomes our new colleague Helen Bieker.

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Alexander von Humboldt fellowship

12 March 2015

Lu Wu, postdoctoral researcher in the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group was awarded a prestigious Alexander von Humboldt fellowship.

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Synchronised rotations for novel investigations

10 March 2015

Members of the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group have resorted to a physical trick to persuade entire groups of molecules to perform synchronized cartwheels, virtually endlessly. This technique opens up new opportunities for imaging molecules and their chemical dynamics.

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Henry Chapman was awarded a Leibniz Prize 2015

03 March 2015

On 3. March Henry Chapman – head of the CFEL Coherent Imaging Division – was formally awarded the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz-Prize 2015 of the German Research Society (DFG) in Berlin. The most important research support prize in Germany is given to outstanding researchers in various fields. Henry received the 2,5 M€ prize for his pioneering research in the development of the so-called Serial Femtosecond Crystallography. Our sincerest congratulations to our senior colleague. For more information please see the DESY press release.

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New Post-Doctoral researcher Michele Di Fraia

01 March 2015

CMI welcomes Michele Di Fraia, who will be working on the tip-VMI experiment as a CUI postdoc in collaboration with CFEL-UX.

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Data-acquisition specialist Igor Rubinskiy joins CMI

01 January 2015

CMI welcomes Igor Rubinskiy. His research in the group will focus on consolidating DAQ systems and future time-resolved pixelated semiconductor detectors.

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