Overview of all news from the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group

CMI Group photo

12 December 2014

(left to right) Nicole Teschmit, Nele Müller, Jennifer Dodoo, Tim Ossenbrüggen, Pau Gonzalez, Jens Kienitz, Karol Długołęcki, Nils Roth, Daniel Gusa, Jochen Küpper, Barbora Vagovič, Lu Wu, Daniel Horke, Zipeng Huang, Terry Mullins, Salah Awel, Thomas Kierspel, Sebastian Trippel, Fenglin Wang
(not present) Bastian Deppe, Alex Franke, Tim Schmidt, Joss Wiese

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Daniel Gusa starts as engineer in CMI-COMOTION

01 December 2014

Daniel Gusa is a new Engineer in the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group. Daniel will lead the developments of cryogenic setups as well as advanced optical setups in the ERC-CoG project COMOTION. Welcome on board, Daniel!

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Tim Ossenbrüggen joins CMI as new technician

01 November 2014

Tim Ossenbrüggen will strengthen the technical team of the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group especially for the new challenges in the ERC project COMOTION. Please, be welcomed, as well!

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New Assistant joins CMI - Barbora Vagovič

01 November 2014

Barbora Vagovič supports the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group as the administrative assistant. She previously worked in the HR department in the automotive industry and as an administrative assistant in public service. Please, be welcomed!

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Dissertation Award 2014 for excellent PhD Thesis

30 October 2014

Stephan Stern received the Best Dissertation 2014 award of the Association of the Friends and Sponsors of DESY (VFFD - Verein der Freunde und Förderer des DESY) for his excellent PhD Thesis “Controlled Molecules for X-ray Diffraction Experiments at Free-Electron Lasers”. Congratulations to Stephan! Please see the DESY press release for further details.

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Kekulé Fellowship for Nicole Teschmit

13 October 2014

Nicole Teschmit, doctoral student in the Controlled Molecule Imaging group, was awarded a prestigious Kekulé Mobility Fellowship.

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Nils Roth starts as PhD student on CMI-COMOTION project

01 October 2014

Nils Roth is a new doctoral student in the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group working in the COMOTION team from 1. October 2014. In his dissertation project Nils will develop a manipulation toolbox to two- and three-dimensionally trap and select nanoparticles and biological systems to efficiently guide them to the interaction point of diffraction-before-destruction imaging experiments. Welcome on board, Nils!

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Researchers Part Water: ‘Electric Prism’ Separates Water’s Nuclear Spin States

05 September 2014

Using an "electric prism", scientists have found a new way of separating water molecules that differ only in their nuclear spin states and, under normal conditions, do not part ways.

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Watching electrons jump in exploding molecules

17 July 2014

Our results on charge transfer in dissociating iodomethane (CH3I) molecules by Erk, Boll, Trippel, et al has been published by Science. In this study, the maximum distance at which electrons can still transfer between the ionized iodine and methyl moieties of the dissociating molecule was measured. Detailed press releases are available from DESY, CUI, and SLAC.

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Skinner prize for the best student poster

10 July 2014

The Skinner prize at the Faraday Discussions 171 "Emerging Photon Technologies for Chemical Dynamics" was awarded, jointly, to Rebecca Boll (DESY FS-FL) and Thomas Kierspel (DESY FS-CFEL-1/CMI) for their posters on photoelectron holography and on state and conformer selection. The latter showed the spatial separation of the cis and trans isomer of 3-fluorophenol, fragmentation studies of indole and indole-water clusters, and a discussion on the possibility to separate different conformers of glycine. Congratulations to Rebecca and Thomas!

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ACS Molecule of the Week

02 June 2014

The molecule we used to demonstrate x-ray diffractive imaging off – 2,5-Diiodobenzonitrile – was selected as the ACS Molecule of the Week.

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New publication on quantum pendulum in the Physical Review A

30 May 2014

Our work on the pendular wave packet dynamics of state selected OCS, entitled “Strongly driven quantum pendulum of the OCS molecule”, has been published in Physical Review A 89, 051401(R) (2014) and has been selected as Editors' Suggestion. We present a combined experimental and theoretical study of molecular alignment in the intermediate pulse-duration regime including a comparison to experiments in the impulsive and adiabatic limits. A molecular movie illustrates this motion.

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Annual meeting of the Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry

31 May 2014

Jochen Küpper and CUI colleagues, Alf Mews and Horst Weller, have organized the Bunsen-Tagung 2014, the annual meeting of the Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry, at the Department of Chemistry in Hamburg. The main topic was "Physical Chemistry on the nanoscale". There were 650 scientists that participated in the meeting from May 29 –31 and presented about 250 talks and 300 posters.

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Farewell Wilhelm Frisch

24 March 2014

Wilhelm Frisch has successfully submitted his bachelor thesis titled "Characterizing Laser Induced Desorption of Large Molecules". Wilhelm decided to leave Hamburg in order to obtain a broader scientific overview in southern Germany -- we wish him the best of luck from the CMI group!

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CMI Group photo

10 March 2014

(back row) Zipeng Huang, Yuan-Pin Chang, Daniel Horke, Thomas Kierspel, Jochen Küpper, Jens Kienitz, Tim Schmidt, Alex Franke (front row) Rick Kirian, Nicole Teschmit, Stephan Stern, Salah Awel, Wilhelm Frisch, Nele Müller, Karol Długołęcki, Sebastian Trippel
(not present) Terry Mullins

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Article selected to appear in the Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics

12 February 2014

Our article on "Hollow Bessel-like beam as an optical guide for a stream of microscopic particles" has been published at the Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics (VJBO), which is a special feature of OSA's Optics InfoBase.

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Nicole Teschmitt joins CMI as a Ph.D. student

14 January 2014

We welcome Nicole Teschmit to the CMI group. Nicole studied chemistry at the TU Braunschweig and received her Masters degree for work on high-resolution spectroscopy of iodine at the University of St. Petersburg. Her research in the CMI group will focus on the extension of molecular beam and control methods to larger molecules in order to allow for detailed investigations of the structural dynamics of complex quantum systems.

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Physik Journal Brennpunkt

01 January 2014

Our work on conformer-specific reactivities has been covered in a Brennpunkt article (German) by Roland Wester from the Physik Journal. Prof. Wester provides a summary of the research as well as an outlook on the interesting research into cold chemistry.

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