Overview of all news from the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group

Research paper on spatial separation of the cis- and trans-conformers of 3-fluorophenol

03 December 2013

We demonstrate the spatial separation of the cis- and trans-conformers of 3-fluorophenol in the gas phase based on their distinct electric dipole moments.

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Stephan Stern succesfully completes his Ph.D. thesis defense

18 November 2013

Today Stephan Stern defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Controlled Molecules for X-ray Diffraction Experiments at Free-Electron Lasers" taking place at the University of Hamburg. He did a great job in presenting his results and defending them in front of a large crowd. Congratulations Stephan, way to go!

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Awarded 2 million euro ERC grant

13 November 2013

The European Research Council (ERC) has granted two million euros to continue the research on control of complex molecules.

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Zhipeng Huang joins CMI as a Ph.D. student

01 November 2013

We are glad to welcome Zhipeng Huang to our group. His research will focus on Controlled large molecules for Free-Electron Laser experiments.

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Wilhelm Frisch starts his bachelor thesis

08 October 2013

Wilhelm's research will focus on the soft transfer of large molecules into the gas-phase. We are immensely happy to have him join our group.

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Film crew from the Journal of Visualized Experiments visits CFEL-CMI group

07 October 2013

Today a film crew from the Journal of Visualized Experiments visited us at CFEL and recorded the material for our accepted publication "Spatial Separation of Molecular Conformers and Clusters". The crew shot some footage in the laboratory, and filmed Thomas Kierspel and Daniel Horke performing a spatial separation experiment. The film explains the basics and necessary methods for many of our separation experiments. The associated manuscript and finished film are now available online.

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Science paper on reactivities

04 October 2013

Our work on measuring various reaction rates of different forms from the same compound is out! The paper "Specific chemical reactivities of spatially separated 3-aminophenol conformers with cold Ca + ions" was published.

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CFEL-CMI group work presented on LEIFIphysik homepage targeting young students

19 September 2013

A text about CMI's group work, on controlled molecules studies by electron diffraction, was published on the homepage of LEIFIphysik. LEIFIphysik explains physics - from the foundations and applications to current research - to school students and is run by the Joachim Herz Stiftung.

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Rosario González-Férez from the Universidad de Granada, Spain joins CUI and the CFEL-CMI group as a CUI Mildred Dresselhaus awardee

19 August 2013

Rosario has performed groundbreaking theory on the description of (ultra)cold molecules in external fields. She has been collaborating very fruitfully with CFEL-CMI for some years now to explain the mixed-field orientation of molecules -- where we have, for instance, observed and described strong non-adiabatic effects in control experiments with "long" laser pulses, too. Rosario will continue to work with us on a detailed understanding of mixed-field orientation of arbitrarily complex molecules. You can read more about Rosario González-Férez and her work.

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Boris Sartakov from the Russian Academy of Sciences visits CFEL-CMI for a month

13 August 2013

Boris is an expert in theoretical molecular spectroscopy and for the interaction of molecules with external fields. The CFEL-CMI group has had a few collaborative projects over the last ten years. Boris will work on non-adiabatic behavior of asymmetric molecules in slowly-varying electric fields, an issue that is highly relevant for "sorting" experiments but which has not been treated in detail so far for its complexity. The complexity comes from the humongous number of avoided crossings even for "simple" cases.

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Teaching Physik IV/VI

28 May 2013

Jochen teaches the second half of Physik IV/VI at the University of Hamburg: Experimental Molecular Physics and Laser Physics for bachelor students.

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Antoine Moulet visits CMI

27 May 2013

Antoine Moulet is visiting our group for two weeks as a secondment within the ATTOFEL network. Antoine will work with Daniel Horke on the generation of pure beams of indole, water, and indole-water clusters.

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TV crew visits our CFEL/CUI lab

11 April 2013

Today a crew from BR-alpha visited the University Hamburg to fil material for a report on CUI. After visits to the president the took a look into our lab to get a feeling for excellent research.

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Molecular Imaging Using X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers

10 April 2013

Our Annual Reviews of Physical Chemistry overview of Molecular Imaging Using X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers is out in ARPC.

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CMI/CUI scientific contributions to energy research

04 April 2013

The ability to view atoms in action (chemical processes) allow a better understanding of basic functions. Read more how this can apply to energy issues on the pdf below – with a picture of Nele Müller in our CMI lab.

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Beamtime at LCLS on ion imaging of charge redistribution in ionized complex molecules

28 March 2013

Sebastian and Thomas are at SLAC National Accelarator Laboratory for beamtime at the Linac Coherent Light SOurce (LCLS). They are collaborating with an international team to investigate the charge distribution following by ionization of complex molecules with heavy atoms in intense X-ray radiation.

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Article on controlled samples at a kHz repetition rate accepted

18 March 2013

Our work on strong alignment and orientation at 1 kHz repetition rate has been accepted for publication in the special issue of Molecular Physics honoring Bretislav Friedrich on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Comments: 6 pages, 4 figures, in press in Mol. Phys., accepted in February 2013, in final production (galley proofs done) since March 8, 2013, v3 only adds publication data (DOI: 10.1080/00268976.2013.780334)

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CMI Group photo

01 February 2013

Jens Kienitz, Karol Długołęcki, Sebastian Trippel, Daniel Horke, Jochen Küpper, Terry Mullins, Nele Müller, Bastian Deppe, Thomas Kierspel, Yuan-Pin Chang, Stephan Stern

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Daniel Horke joins CMI group

01 January 2013

Today Daniel joins in our group as a PostDoc. Daniel has received a PhD from Durham University, UK, where he worked on photoelectron spectroscopy of (poly)anions in the gas-phase.

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