Guang Yang

Graduate Student

Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL)
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY
Notkestrasse 85 (building 99, room O3.016)
22607 Hamburg


CMI theory


Guang's research focuses on experimental and theoretical studies of the nuclear spin dynamics in water and ammonia. High accuracy calculations of the hyperfine structure of water and ammonia molecules will be conducted using the variational approach TROVE developed in our group. For experiment, we will get the high resolution spectroscopy with the help of a Fourier Transform Spectrometer and a tuneable mid-infrared frequency comb source. Then we can search the most promising rovibrational levels for observations of the ortho-para transitions.

Curriculum Vitae

10/2017 - presentPhD Student at Center for Free Electron Laser Science, DESY, Hamburg
09/2014 - 07/2017MSc. in Optics at the Institute of Opto-Electronics, Shanxi University, China
09/2010 - 08/2014BSc. in Physics (National Science Base) at the College of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Shanxi University, China