Helen Bieker

Graduate Student

Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL)
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY
Notkestrasse 85 (building 49a, room 211)
22607 Hamburg



In her dissertation project Helen will produce size- and isomer-selected small water clusters containing a few (~2-8) water monomers. These water clusters will be used in X-ray and electron diffractive-imaging experiments to investigate the dissociation dynamics and energy distribution. An understanding of the structure of water clusters, including their intermolecular geometries and interactions should be developed.

Curriculum Vitae

2015 - presentDoctoral student (Center for Ultrafast Imaging) at the Center for Free Electron Laser Science, DESY, Hamburg
2014 Research associate at the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Bremen, Germany
2014 M.Sc. in Physics at University of Bremen, Germany
2011 B.Sc. in Physics at University of Bremen, Germany