Controlled Molecule Imaging

We develop innovative methods to obtain full control over large molecules and nanoparticles. These methods and the created controlled samples are exploited in fundamental physics and chemistry studies to unravel the underlying mechanisms of chemistry and biology by watching molecules at work.


Femtochemistry conference kicks off in Hamburg

13 July 2015

Nobel laureate and femto pioneer Ahmed Zewail holds public scientific lecture — about 400 attendees.
At the 12th International Conference on Femtochemistry FEMTO12 — organizes by the CFEL Controlled Molecule Imaging Group — world leading experts gather at DESY in Hamburg this week. Femtochemistry deals with the ultrafast chemical interactions between molecules and atoms and is of fundamental importance for a broad spectrum of questions in many disciplines, from basic physics to biology and materials science.

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Synchronised rotations for novel investigations

10 March 2015

Members of the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group have resorted to a physical trick to persuade entire groups of molecules to perform synchronized cartwheels, virtually endlessly. This technique opens up new opportunities for imaging molecules and their chemical dynamics.

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Dissertation Award 2014 for excellent PhD Thesis

30 October 2014

Stephan Stern received the Best Dissertation 2014 award of the Association of the Friends and Sponsors of DESY (VFFD - Verein der Freunde und Förderer des DESY) for his excellent PhD Thesis “Controlled Molecules for X-ray Diffraction Experiments at Free-Electron Lasers”. Congratulations to Stephan! Please see the DESY press release for further details.

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Researchers Part Water: ‘Electric Prism’ Separates Water’s Nuclear Spin States

05 September 2014

Using an "electric prism", scientists have found a new way of separating water molecules that differ only in their nuclear spin states and, under normal conditions, do not part ways.

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