Overview of all news from the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group

Electrons’ ballet in real time

21 May 2020

Scientists take important step towards quantum molecular movies

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Featured article on x-ray diffractive imaging of controlled gas-phase molecules reveals the molecular structure of 2,5-diiodothiophene

28 February 2020

Structure determines function. This simple statement is the key motivation behind diffraction experiments of small molecules, viruses or bacteria, which are performed in order to understand their function.

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Doctoral promotion Linda Thesing

21 February 2020

Linda Thesing successfully defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Alignment and Orientation of Complex Molecules” on Friday 21. February 2020. The disputation took place at the Center for Free-electron Laser Science in Hamburg.

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DESY research magazine FEMTO, issue February 2020

03 February 2020

The DESY research magazine FEMTO offers a wide variety of topics about research on DESY campus. The spectrum ranges from the origins of the universe and the hidden dimensions of the quantum world to live recordings of atoms and molecules in new materials and biological systems.

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Our article was selected as 2019 Editor's Choice Article

31 January 2020

Our article "Atomic-resolution imaging of carbonyl sulfide by laser-induced electron diffraction" was selected as 2019 Editor's Choice Article by the Journal of Chemical Physics. In addition, our collaborator Arnaud Rouzée was awarded the 2020 Editor's Choice award for this joint research work.

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HELIOS: Helmholtz Association and City of Hamburg support German-Swedish graduate school

15 January 2020

The new “Helmholtz-Lund International Graduate School” (HELIOS) is intended to create educational opportunities for doctoral students in Hamburg and Lund to prepare them for a new age in the study of matter on different time and length scales.

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