Photoelectron and ion imaging of ultrafast dynamics in controlled complex molecules

We are currently setting up an experiment to study the dynamics of rearrangement processes in moderately complex organic molecules. The molecules are quantum state selected by an electric deflector and fixed in space via strong laser pulses and dc electric fields. The electronic and nuclear structures and dynamics of these samples are investigated using femtosecond photoelectron imaging.

Within the DFG priority program 1840 "Quantum Dynamics in Tailored Intense Fields" (QUTIF) we have a related collaborative project LIEDOM.

Molecular Frame photoelectron angular distributions

We have exploited strongly 3D oriented samples of the prototypical asymmetric top molecule benzonitrile to obtain molecular frame photoelectron angular distributions of molecule fixed in space.

  • Lotte Holmegaard, Jonas L. Hansen, Line Kalhøj, Sofie Louise Kragh, Henrik Stapelfeldt, Frank Filsinger, Jochen Küpper, Gerard Meijer, Darko Dimitrovski, Mahmoud Abu-samha, Christian P. J. Martiny, and Lars Bojer Madsen
    Photoelectron angular distributions from strong-field ionization of oriented molecules
    Nat. Phys. 6 (2010), 428