CMI celebrated Jens Kienitz's graduation

18 November, 2016

Jens Kienitz succesfully defended his PhD Thesis titled "Orientation of state selected OCS molecules in mixed strong dc and laser fields". Congratulations Jens!

Jens joined CMI in July 2012 and has been a highly valued member of the group and also within collaborations with other groups. Starting out with joining in experiments studying the rotational dynamics of OCS molecules [1], he proceeded with the simulation, design, building and characterization of two new experimental tools. The first one is a high-voltage velocity map imaging spectrometer [2], which allows to adiabatically orient ground state selected molecules. The second tool is a new type of electro-static deflector, which can be employed for the selection of molecular states and structures [3]. The new design broadens the range of possibilities of electro-static separation and preparation - a method often used within the CMI group's experiments.  

We wish him all the best in his future life and career from all our hearts.

[1] Trippel, S., Mullins, T., Mueller, N. L. M., Kienitz, J. S., Gonzalez-Ferez, R., & Küpper, J., Two-State Wave Packet for Strong Field-Free Molecular OrientationPhys. Rev. Lett.114, 103003 (2015)

[2] Kienitz, J. S., Trippel, S., Mullins, T., Dugocki, K., Gonzalez-Ferez, R., & Küpper, J., Adiabatic mixed-field orientation of ground-state-selected carbonyl sulfide moleculesChem. Phys. Chem. (2016)

[3] in preparation