CMI celebrated Nele Müller's graduation

14 July, 2016

Today, Nele Müller succesfully defended her PhD Thesis titled "Electron diffraction and controlled molecules". Congratulations Nele!

Back then when Nele started in the group - in June 2011- our 47c lab was more or less completely empty and Nele really contributed a lot to build up the lab, set up the first experiments and get the first publishable results from the lab. In 2012 she started to simulate an electron gun. She successfully developed, built a test setup and characterised a new electron source during her time - the electron gun. The results can be found in her paper with eponymous title. After testing the gun she moved it to the molecular beam machine and did a first attempt to measure diffraction patterns from aligned molecules.

Though she will be greatly missed in the group, Nele remained within DESY and is now working as a Scientific Assistant to the head of the Photon Science Division. We wish her all the best in her future life and scientific career from all our hearts.