Europa Woche Hamburg – COMOTION – an example of the prestigeous european financial support for research

05 May, 2017

With the highly endowed grants of the European Research Council, top scientists from the field of fundamental research and pioneering research are awarded. Hamburg scientists are successful with their applications and so far have received a total of 50 ERC grants and funds of almost 85 million euros. One of them, Jochen Küpper, has received 2 million euros from the ERC for his research project COMOTION.

Within COMOTION we dive deep into the world of molecules and film what biochemical processes happen there. By controlling the molecules with electric fields and lasers, one can influence the chemical processes that are taking place. In the project the secrets of life are deciphered, but these findings are also important in the understanding of diseases and the development of drugs.

European research, important milestones in the european history, politics, social and cultural affairs are few of the various themes of the "Europe week 2017", an event, which takes place in Hamburg from 5.–14. May, 2017.

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