New publication on the characterization of gas-flow from aerosol injectors in the Journal of Applied Physics

31 March, 2017

Our paper entitled "Characterizing gas flow from aerosol particle injectors" has been published in the Journal of Applied Physics. We show the detection of helium gas emerging from one of our aerosol injectors down to absolute number densities of 4×1016 cm-3, essentially measuring the local pressure inside a vacuum chamber with a spatial resolution of ~2 µm.

Laser-ionized helium plasma formed at the tip of a convergent-nozzle particle injector

This is achieved by focusing an intense femtosecond laser pulse into the gas-flow, where the high intensity leads to the formation of a plasma (as shown in the picture). This plasma is imaged with a long working-distance microscope calibrated against known pressures to create a high-resolution 2D pressure map.

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