Disputation Zhipeng Huang

16 May, 2019

On Thursday, 16 May 2019, Zhipeng Huang successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Development and Characterization of a Laser-Induced Desorption Source for FEL Experiments”. The disputation took place in CFEL. Congratulations Zhipeng!


In his thesis a newly set-up LIAD source was designed for prolonged measurement times and fixed interaction point, as required by free-electron laser (FEL) experiments, through a tape-drive automatic sample replenishment method. Number density, spatial extend, temporal distribution, translational velocity, and translational temperature of created plumes from this setup were fully characterized using strong-field ionization (SFI) by an intense femtosecond laser field. The setup is promising for gentle and efficient preparation of thermally labile, light sensitive or non-volatile intact molecules to the X-ray or electron beam interaction point.

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