Overview of all news from the Controlled Molecule Imaging Group

Using corkscrew lasers to separate mirror molecules

10 December 2019

Innovative approach could deepen insight into the mysterious handedness of life

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Disputation Evangelos Karamatskos

19 September 2019

Today, Evangelos Karamatskos very successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled "Molecular-Frame Angularly-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy" at Universität Hamburg and was awarded the degree "Dr. rer. nat." with a grade of summa cum laude (very good with distinction).

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Scientists film molecular rotation

29 July 2019

Scientists have used precisely tuned pulses of laser light to film the ultrafast rotation of a molecule. The resulting “molecular movie” tracks one and a half revolutions of carbonyl sulphide (OCS) – a rod-shaped molecule consisting of one oxygen, one carbon and one sulphur atom – taking place within 125 trillionths of a second, at a high temporal and spatial resolution. The team headed by DESY’s Jochen Küpper from the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) and Arnaud Rouzée from the Max Born Institute in Berlin are presenting their findings in the journal Nature Communications. CFEL is a cooperation of DESY, the Max Planck Society and Universität Hamburg.

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Disputation Zhipeng Huang

16 May 2019

On Thursday, 16 May 2019, Zhipeng Huang successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Development and Characterization of a Laser-Induced Desorption Source for FEL Experiments”. The disputation took place in CFEL. Congratulations Zhipeng!

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CMI workshop and retreat 2019

07 May 2019

This year, the annual CMI group workshop and retreat took place in Alt Duvenstedt, Schleswig Holstein.

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Cherry picking molecules from the soup: Spatial separation of pyrrole and pyrrole-water clusters

29 January 2019

We demonstrated the spatial separation of pyrrole-water1 clusters with practically 100 % purity from the other atomic and molecular species in a supersonically-expanded beam of pyrrole and traces of water seeded in high-pressure helium gas.

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